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Support Montego Bay High School for Girls

One of the core values at Montego Bay High School for Girls is the belief that everyone deserves access to a high quality education. Our commitment is to create that opportunity for all current and future students. We are always appreciative of support from our MBHS community, which helps us provide an exceptional educational experience.

As a part of our 85th Celebration, we invite all past students to make a pledge to give back to our Alma Mater to support the students and their financial needs. Give a gift of $85 in celebration of the school's anniversary, $50, $30 or whatever you can afford. It's not the amount of your gift but it's your participation that matters. Every dollar matters.

To make your gift, simply hit the "Donate Now" button below to pay via credit card or debit card and submit your desired amount.

Generous persons like you help to keep MBHS strong and make a difference in the lives of so many students. On behalf the Montego Bay High School family, thank you for supporting our students and helping to provide a first-class education for generations to come.

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